Be Confident…Be Unique… Be YOU! …and, we never make any apologies for it.  #SaseeChic

Confidence sets the stage for your personality to shine through.  Being Confident is knowing that you are sure of yourself.  Leave No Room for DOUBT! In order for you to be assured in your style… one must be able to define it.  How could one define their style? First, it’s imperative that you know who you are. Second, surround yourself with people and/or things that inspire you. Lastly, take strides towards trying something new… boldness helps in the process when testing your confidence. With these three steps you will be well on your way to defining your style. Now, what’s your style?

Uniqueness positions you to be creative.  Thinking outside the box is critical to your style. Why…you may ask?  Your unique look makes way for your personality.  It’s your signature!  Your uniqueness is the first thing people see when you walk into a room.  “A first impression… is a lasting impression”.   Creativity requires boldness! You must be willing to try something different.  This can be uncomfortable and uneasy yet so rewarding.  We must shy away from being “safe” in order to step out of our shell and be adventures.  Trust me… your style and confidence won’t regret it.

YOU define who you really are.  As women we find ourselves adjusting to the needs of others.   This causes are confidence and style to suffer.  It’s a new day and a new season! Be YOU! Your style is depending on it.

Style + Confidence = Personality!  …and, remember to wear it well.